What is 3D printing?

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What is 3D printing?Every now and then we take a look at what is new on the market, hoping to find something that can blow our minds. When it comes to the printing area, just a few of us really know the insides of this domain. For many people printing means just to have in your house, or in your office a small printer with you can do what it is supposed to do.

What does printing mean after all? Printing is in fact the reproducing phenomenon of a desired image on a piece of material, usually paper. Now, we all know that so far the printers were able to reproduce until now only images in 2D format. It makes sens, is true, but from now on it seems that we will be able to “print” images in 3D format, or, better said, we will be capable to “clone” an object.

For that it is used a special type of printer, and an entire set of accessories. The images are perfectly reproduced using a special type of plastic, who can take shape based on adding successive layers of this material. Why is this a really good thing? Because this means complex models made just in a few days, no molds at all, no assembling processes, so less money spent on the technological processes.

Let’s take an example, shall we? If you are looking to make an injection packer, you will need a lot of assembling work. This element can be made from a lot of materials. We can make them from metal, to stick them on concrete, or we can make them especially for the drill segment, by introducing them into concrete.

These are made by putting together a lot of nuts and washers, and also a protection layer made of rubber. Also, another type of injection packer is the one made entirely from plastic. In both cases, those products cost a lot of money, because they are being used to consolidate the damaged buildings.

So, looking at our example, we can see the importance of making our own products by 3D modelling, without paying a lot of money to the manufacturer. Also, thinking back, if we were using molds for this project, this would cost a lot of money, and the “work hand” will cost the same. In time, this may mean approximately one or two months judged by the number of the “nests” (this is the name of the stations of the mould).

Another advantage is, beside the mass production in a short period of time, the realisation of some shapes that usually can not be done by traditional ways. This type of printing is highly accurate, and it can and will be used in the production industry for copying a lot of products that until now could take a lot of time.

So, this type of printing is revolutionary without a doubt, but we are all glad to see that the technology is quickly advancing in our advantage. Until we will see this products in the industrial area, we can enjoy the benefits of the traditional printing, using a normal printer. Even in this domain there is a lot to look at, especially if you are searching in the list of printing companies present on the Internet.

On this site though we manage to find any good company on the market, starting of course with the ones that actually are giving the best, namely the germans: http://printing-companies.org/german-printing-companies/. But this are not the only companies present there, you can find a lot more, by only informing yourself with a simple online visit.

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