Top 5 Fun Activities for an Amazing Hen Weekend in Budapest

Top 5 Fun Activities for an Amazing Hen Weekend in Budapest
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Your friend is finally getting married, so guess what time it is?

Yes, it’s time to celebrate, honey. If you’re the designated maid of honour, or as we like to say it, the best gal, then you’re in luck! You get to organize everything, and I’m talking, of course, about the gorgeous hen do you’re about to throw.

You’ve seen the title, which means you’re clearly interested in a different destination than the obvious choice of going to the local pubs or male strip-clubs. Which is great, because a this is an article about how to have a great time during a hen weekend in Budapest, one of the most beautiful Eastern European cities.

Why choose Budapest for a hen do? Why choose a different country at all?

Maybe you thought, at first, that the local pubs and restaurants are more than fit for a night out with the girls. Throw maybe a spa special or a massage parlour visit, and you have the perfect day and night for any lady.

But something changed when you considered the option of going abroad. Only the thought that you were about to travel, try a new culture, a new urban experience, fancy a few foreign boys (don’t tempt the bride!) sent chills of enthusiasm down your spine.

Well, choosing a hen do outside the borders of your country is a great choice!

It makes for more awesome adventures and deep-carved memories that will remain dear in your heart forever.

So why not choose something different?

Maybe because, once you’re there, you will feel that you will do the same things that you may do at home, without spending extra.

Well, not necessarily!

Top 5 hen do activities in Budapest

Yes, you’ve read correctly. There are at least (!!!) 5 fun things you can do while in Budapest, for your friend’s hen do.

First of all, we recommend to try the services of a professional company, specialised in planning hen parties abroad. You will save a small fortune and you will not have to burden yourself with every little detail that might get in the way of having fun.

A recommendation of such a professional company will await you at the end of the article.

Till then, let’s see: what’s are the most awesome activities you will definitely want to try during the Budapest hen do:

1.    The Beer Bike – yes, you’re all ladies, but just let go for once and celebrate in style by trying this awesome bar-bike, where you drink and pedal, having tons of laughs
2.    The City Tour by Coach – if you’re new in town, then maybe you will consider visiting the main attraction by coach. It’s a beautiful and fun experience for anyone passionate about the urban culture
3.    The Chippendale Show – now-now, don’t be shy. Try to think about the boys and their strip-clubbing. They have fun, so why shouldn’t you? Go to a professional male strip show and get a view for a lifetime
4.    Gun Shooting – although something the boys might want to try, there’s no rule that women shouldn’t do it. Go and grab a gun, feel its weight and go for a round of shooting. It might be not only fun, but cathartic
5.     Trabant Trek Countryside with Lunch – this car is iconic for the Hungarian culture and it will give you a brilliant classical and vintage experience, while driving it to the countryside, where you may have a picnic with all the girls

These are only five out of dozens of fun activities that you may want to try during a hen weekend in Budapest. It’s just a taste!

If you want to see the real deal, visit Eventhuse’s website, and see for yourself all the other fun activities that are just perfect for the hen do of the bride’s dreams.

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