Some recommendations for the ties from Mrclassy

Some recommendations for the ties from Mrclassy
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Imagine you would make knots in your costume a couple of times a week. Even if you have been ironing ties daily, you could not prevent the material from deteriorating rapidly. A minimal, but correct care for ties will prolong their life. Ties offer with Mrclassy is taking into account the following recommendations.

It is very important to loosen the knot every time you take it down from your neck. The best way to untie the knot without affecting the tie is as follows: slightly increase the loop around your neck, pull it over your head and once removed from your neck you can safely undo it.

If the tie is wrinkled and does not follow the above advice, little steam from the iron will help you get it. The silk tie never goes! Steam will be applied by strolling the iron over the tie in the air without touching it. An alternative is to put the hot water in a bowl and hang the tie over the steamer.

In principle, ties should be stored either hung on a special tie hanger or placed on a horizontal plane. A cheaper alternative would be hanging on the horizontal bar of the hanger. Be careful not to place the ties on the coat racks with sharp edges in order not to destroy the tie.  When storing ties, the same rules as the other clothes must be followed. Avoid cluttering them in the cabinet to allow the air to circulate in order not to get any odor.

Ties should be protected from sun, dust, moisture and moths if necessary. If you have plenty of space in your closet, arrange a drawer/compartment just for ties, where you can keep them trimmed properly, by category, pattern, or color. This will allow you to keep the health of your ties and skip the tedious daily search for the tie you wear.

If it allows you place to create such a compartment, depending on its size, you can either wrap it in two or roll it. The latter option will make it easier for you to choose when you are indecisive to wear the tie. When going on holiday, most men do not take elegant dresses with them, so no ties.

They are more likely to get on business trips. The tie is often a perfect image assistant that greatly contributes to the success of a negotiation. In this regard, packing it into the luggage must be done with great care to ensure that it will reach its unbounded destination.

The first method is wrapping the tie around your hand to form a roll and storing it in a corner of your luggage to prevent it from rolling away. The second method is to store it wrapped around the collar of the shirt. The third method would be snapping and seating over clothes, lying on the bottom of the luggage is another good alternative because it will stand on a straight line.

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