How to Quit Smoking by Being Aware of Our Emotions?

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How to Quit Smoking by Being Aware of Our Emotions? Most of us go throughout the whole process of try and fail before we can finally say that we have quit smoking. However, while we are still involved into the process, sometimes we get second thoughts about it; nevertheless, the most important thing is to keep on fighting and not to give up.

How Do We Start a War Against Smoking?

First, like in a real battle, we need to prepare ourselves by acknowledging that we will have to face our desire, entourage, habits, emotional outbursts, stress, peer pressure, psyche etc. It is very important to outthink ahead every possible situation witch you may face during your quitting period.

Do not give up, every war is made out of battles, and in every war, you win some you lose some. Some battles are decisive for the outcome of the war, so be careful. Moreover, struggle to win every battle, have a good morale and keep the faith that you can do it. Let’s forget about our failures we had in the past and set our goal to quit smoking. Try to have a positive thinking and discard your negative beliefs.

How to Identify Our Emotional Addiction?

It is very simple: we need to meditate, to think, to understand the links we made between smoking and other types of activities. When we identify them, then we will understand how to quit smoking, thus giving us the power to overcome smoking. Knowing your enemy is one of the requirements to win a war.

But anyone who smokes realizes that the activity of smoking is related to a place, a person, a certain time (like first thing in the morning), a thing (mostly, we relate coffee with smoking a cigar), or an activity. Smoking while being stressed is an example, smoking while driving, smoking after you eat, with alcohol, because we are in a dance club, because everyone is doing it, pure desire, on the telephone and in other situations. For sure you remarked that your habit is related to one of these but now you are doing it in relation to other activities as well.

Does Smoking Has Magical Powers that Bound Us Forever to This Habit?

In every specific situation, smoking can stimulate or relax us. Why is this happening? It is true that nicotine and other substances found in cigars help us fulfill our needs, but the most important thing is the emotional bond that we have established between the act of smoking and the other activity. We often believe that if we smoke a cigar will feel better, but this is not true.

We believe that the smoking itself is giving us a good time, but the truth lies behind. Smoking it’s just a memento of the good time we had during a specific activity; this memento is based on the fact that when we felt good we had a cigar, so now, every time we are having a cigar we think that we will feel good. It is a bad emotional association that prevents us to quit smoking.

If we pick careful our activities we can get rid of smoking by association. Stopping the emotional bond with smoking and replacing it with a good habit is the key to quit smoking.

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