How to move to a new house?

How to move to a new house?
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Moving out to a brand-new place can be a very stressful event. Moreover, moving is considered to be one of the tensest events one can live in his life among with getting married and giving birth.

Getting your belongings together in an organized manner can become a real challenge, but there are many ways to overcome any obstacles.

We asked some Italian professionals (in Italian it sounds like this: Sgomberi Gratis Torino) for tips when you move. There is what they told us:

6 Tips for moving to a new house effectively

1. Firstly, you can put your travel luggage to good use. To fit as much stuff as possible, we recommend you roll your clothes instead of folding them. So, that when you pack your stuff there is extremely important to find enough space for your things and to optimize.
2. If you have any crushable you want to avoid destroying, you can place them in the middle of your clothes. Moreover, you have to tell to your movers that there are crushable items that have to be protected.
3. We recommend you move your stuff in cardboard boxes instead of using plastic or cloth bags. The main advantage of using boxes is that you can get them for free at any supermarket or liquor store and that you can recycle them when you no longer need them.  Moreover, you can write on the box what is contains so that there will be clarity.
4. Pack items likewise together. You can divide your belongings by the room they belong in. This is going to make your unpacking so much easier. When you get to the new house, all you have to do is place the right box in the right room and voila! That is an excellent solution to optimize your stuff and to save a lot of valuable time.
5. Hire movers! If you find moving out a bit stressful hire some help. They will come and pick up your boxes, put them in a big van and move them to your new house. Placing them in the right room can also be a task for the movers. When there are no friends ready to help, you move there are always professionals who will do it at a reasonable cost. You will be impressed how easy it is to move with professionals, without taking care about lots of nuances and mainly enjoying the whole moving thing.
6. Lastly, don’t forget to get rid of unnecessary things. Moving out can be a lot of work, but try to make use of this opportunity and clean up your attic and closets. Try to place all of your old clothes and shoes in separate boxes and go to the nearest place you can donate them. If you have some old furniture lost somewhere amongst your belongings, don’t hesitate to give it away too.

You will find out that moving to a new house can be a refreshing experience and can be an excellent opportunity to start some things over, so that even a such stressful activity can sound challenging to you.

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