How to install JetPack Contact Form on a WordPress site?

How to install JetPack Contact Form on a Wordpress site?
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The first plugin that we’re going to look into is Jetpack because it’s both simple to set up, and you might already have it installed because it has so many other awesome features demanded on a nice web design project.

You might already be using Jetpack for its free and incredibly powerful security features, or you might be using Jetpack for its free image CDN which makes your images and therefore your whole site load a little bit faster.

As a general rule of thumb, I like when each plugin on my site does one specific thing. Jetpack breaks this rule because it has 20 to 30 unique features which could be small plugins on their on.

They’re so powerful that I install Jetpack on every site I run. This image CDN in particular is really powerful, and I install Jetpack just for that feature alone.

Since I already it installed on my sites, if I need a simple contact form, I definitely consider using the contact form built into Jetpack. That way I have fewer plugins that need updating and fewer conflicts to worry about. If you’re in a similar position, it’s definitely worth a look. If you don’t already have it installed, you’ll go to WordPress site. You’ll go to Plugins.

Add new. Let’s search for Jetpack. There it is. Let’s click Install Now and Activate. Once it’s activated, you should see some sort of pop upthat encourages you to connect your site to and turn on the recommended features. If you are developing your site locally on your own machine or if you’re developing on a test site, you might not see this pop up.

For most of Jetpack’s features, you need to have a live site so you can connect to

If you are developing locally, I don’t recommend Jetpack’s contact form because you have to jump through a lot of hoops to get anything to work. I recommend looking into the other contact form plugins. Since this is a live site, let’s go ahead and connect to I’ll click the button.

If you aren’t already logged into, they’ll prompt you to create an account. I already have one, so I’ll scroll down and sign in. I’ll log into my account. If you have two factor authentication set up, make sure to go through that.

I’ll type in the code. Finally, you can connect your site to your profile. I’ll click Approve. This will authorize everything and send me back to my site. Before we go back however, there are a couple of different plans.

There’s a lot of different things you can choose here, but for a contact form, you can just go with the free plan. Since there are so many things to do in Jetpack, let’s activate these recommended features, and we can always turn some of them on or off later.

Now we’re just about ready to add our basic contact form.


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