How to Become a Profitable Web Designer

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Anyone can claim to be a web designer and offer their services to people who need a site. In fact, anyone can make money as a web designer, even if their skills aren’t great. If you want to take a step above that and turn it into a real career in which you can not only make the money you need to live, but enough to live well, this article has the tips you need.

One great way to get your feet wet is to create blogs. You can provide website templates for people using sites like Blogger at low cost. This gives you the ability to learn how HTML, CSS and graphics work while still being paid for your time.

The next step is to learn how to create WordPress templates, which are a bit more complicated. Once you have mastered that, you will find it easy to make the switch to designing stand-alone websites.

Choosing the right clients is as important as the work itself. If you select clients in a choosy manner, you will end up with fewer headaches. On top of that, you will be able to pick work which allows your talents to shine.

How to Become a Profitable Web Designer

If you accept any offer thrown at you, you may end up creating subpar work you wouldn’t want to include in your portfolio. Select clients who are themselves reputable, have sites you are excited to design and are likely to pay on time and in full.

Expanding your abilities means making more money. For example, if you can also create social media sites and apps, or you at least know someone who can do it for you as a subcontractor; you will be able to keep your client working with you beyond the initial website. Offer content creation, email list administration and other marketing opportunities.

Staying on top of the work you have already done can provide you with new work opportunities. For example, let your past clients know when new websites or technologies could be integrated with their sites.

For example, you could mention Constant Contact and its newsletter services and how they could help your client reach out to a broader audience. Your clients will appreciate you keeping them up to date, and you will appreciate the additional work.

Marketing yourself is the best way to keep new work coming in. Post ads on Craigslist to reach out to the broadest audience, but also let people know locally that you are available. You can pop a blurb into your child’s school newsletter, or post an ad on the drug store’s community board. Even putting an ad in the local paper can’t hurt.

With these tips, you are ready to discover if becoming a web designer is truly for you. If it is, then use these ideas to become a successful, profitable entrepreneur. The sites you design will stand on the web as a testament to your abilities, and you’ll have the income you need to live comfortably every day.

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