Best History & Culture Vacations – Europe

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If you travel to Europe you have many options for a great holiday. Many European cities have a rich history, an amazing tradition and culture and also a diversity which will impress all those who choose this continent for their holiday.

Portmagee is a beautiful town located in Ireland, on the southwest coast of the country. The rich coloured buildings of this town and the diversity of its architecture are some of the advantages which can make you come back here as soon as possible.

The cheap Heathrow airport transfers represent a very important advantage for those who travel to Great Britain.

If you travel to Slovenia you should visit Bled, a small castle established in 1004 by the Roman Empire. This castle was given to the Bishop of Brixen. It is situation just in the middle of Lake Bled, on a a beautiful island.

The town which it borders has approximately 5000 residents. You can find here some of the best health spas in the entire region of the Balkans.

The panoramic view which can be admired here is another advantage of this great place. Hallstatt, Austria is an old settlement which was founded in 5000 BC near the mountains which surround this amazing region of the country.

The residents here mine salt and base their income on this activity which dates back thousands of years. If you want to see England you should visit Bibury, an amazing town of this country. It is placed near the River Coln.

The picturesque landscape makes tourists want to come back here every year and admire this amazing place of England, with its steep pitched roofs and extraordinary house build in a distinctive architecture.

Annecy, France, is a romantic and beautiful place of the country which offers to its visitors a full experience of the French spirit. It is surrounded by the Alps, situated in the Upper Savoy region of the country. The small canals which divide this small town and streams make it a beautiful tourist attraction for people who come on our continent from all around the world.

Goreme, Turkey, is another beautiful place dating back to the Roman era. It was build amid special rock formations which give this place a distinctive air.

Its ancient architecture still stands nowadays and offers an incredible view to all those who want to see one of the natural wonders of the world with their own eyes. You must see this place to believe that it exists. Turkey has many amazing places which you can visit and admire.

Albarracin, Spain, is a beautiful medieval village situated in Northern Spain, dating back to the 11th century. Visitors can see here the Albarracin Natural Park which still preserves the Levantine prehistoric art. Its fortified walls remind us of its glorious past, and the narrow alleys and streets make this small town a a preferred holiday destination of thousands of tourists. Its castels and chapels offer to visitors a multicultural experience they will never forget.

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